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Fused Art Glass/Sterling Pendants

Fused Art Glass/Sterling Pendants

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Each piece in the Fused Art Glass collection is individually handmade, in the USA, by artist/designer Eileen Baumeister McIntyre and every pendant is a one of a kind original piece of jewelry.

Garden of Silver handmade fused art glass pendants

The process of creating the pendants is an exciting one. The glass pieces are carefully cut, artistically combined and layered together and fused in a kiln at 1500 degrees until they are melted together.  The glass pieces are then hand shaped on a glass grinder and sent back for a final fusing in the kiln to create a shine of the edges. A channel is then ground into the edge to hold the sterling silver wire in place.

Garden of Silver handmade fused art glass pendants

Some of the glass has a dichroic coating creating beautiful effects when hit by the light. This coating was originally invented by NASA scientists in the 1950's for use in sensitive spacecraft instruments to shield against harmful effects of cosmic radiation and to protect human vision from the harsh glare of unfiltered sunlight in space.

Garden of Silver's jewelry designer continues to explore new designs and glass combination to keep the collection fresh and exciting!

These pendants can be found at our select galleries, boutiques and museum stores throughout the USA. Please contact us for a gallery near you.

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