9 Tab Mixed Metals Necklace by Q Evon


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Q's multiple pendant necklace is comprised of individually textured tabs to create a city-skyline effect in this mixed metal necklace. Sophisticated and urban design.

  • Finely crafted in white rhodium-plated sterling silver and 18K vermeil.
  • Center tab measures approximately 1.25” in length and is set with a 3mm white sapphire.
  • Patterns are unique and may vary. Tabs are individually acid etched, granulated and roller printed.

A love for both travel and architecture inspired this textured tab necklace. Whether you see an inverted city skyline or skyscrapers shining at night, there’s nothing like the energy of a big city. Q's design perfectly captures that metropolitan vibe.

Available with 3, 5 or 9 tabs. Individually textured tabs have a bit of sparkle with the addition of white sapphire to our 9 tab necklace. Adjustable chain lengths offer options for different necklines.

The hand textured tab necklaces are our best selling necklaces of all time, with wide appeal to all ages, and a shape that looks good on everyone.

Also available in 14k Gold and White Rhodium over Sterling Silver. Contact us.

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