"He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not"


The humble Daisy, April’s flower, stands for innocence, purity, love, fidelity and patient endurance.

The Daisy flower name originated from the word meaning ‘day’s eye’ which is appropriate since the flower opens in the morning bringing sunshine into peoples lives. Open it is a symbolic representation of of the soul and closed an emblem of purity.  The Daisy was often used as a motif in medieval art as a symbol of Christ’s innocence when he was a child.


Throughout history various cultures had different myths and legends featuring the Daisy. For Italians the Daisy is a sacred flower, the star of Italy and the symbol of Queen Margherita. In Scotland the blossoms are called “bairns flowers” meaning child’s flowers. The Welsh call the flower “trembling star” and the German’s call it “love’s measure” as daisy petals measure a lovers adoration. Celtics connected innocence with  daisies and thought that daisy flowers grew to lighten a persons grief. And, it was the Victorians who chanted, ‘he loves me, he loves me not’ while plucking off individual Daisy petals.


Enjoy my versions of this sweet, simple flower.